From Knowledge Comes Excellence is what drives Cabana Pools Aquatech. Knowledge in the form of a highly-educated staff and properly informed customers is the distinctive, intangible feature that Cabana Pools Aquatech brings to each pool project.

Established by Tom Driscoll in 1976 in Houston, Texas, Cabana Pools Aquatech set out not to build pools, but to fulfill dreams. Our goal from the start was to create, for each customer, the perfect oasis beneath the Texas sun.

Our elegant and timeless designs that range from the tranquil to the stunning to the freeform and the dynamic are an enduring confirmation of our success.

Designs from Cabana Pools Aquatech are treated as a work of art. Balance, perspective and visual depth are considered, as are primary and secondary focal points. How the overall composition satisfies the customer is the deciding factor for each successful design. The willingness to reach for perfection in every project has won Cabana Pools Aquatech an enviable position in the pool design and construction industry.